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Straight teeth for a lifetime

MaxDent CA Digital Memotain

MEMOTAIN®, the new CAD/ CAM retainer, offers the highest precision, best fit and optimal user comfort. The latest technologies enable to produce Nitinol lingual retainers which precisely fit the individual patient situation due to the exact digital planning.


In contrast to hand-bent conventional steel lingual retainers, the Memotain® retainer is made from Nitinol© and adapted by computer to fit the patient’s particular tooth shape. The teeth are fixed dynamically. The retainer is machine-fabricated, so the wire is not bent and thus not weakened. Predetermined breaking points are actually eliminated. Therefore, we provide a 24-month breakage warranty.

Absolute precision fit due to the computer-controlled production.

Maximum comfort.

Better mouth hygiene, suitable for dental floss.

Precise positioning.

Especially suitable for treatment of the upper jaw.

24-month warranty for material failure.

Faster placement.


Less follow-up treatment required.

Memory - Metal : Nitinol©.



Memotain Retainer is a passive orthodontic appliance to maintain and stabilizing the position of teeth.


Indication of Memotain

Maintaining final tooth position after orthodontic treatment.
Maintaining bridge pontic space.
Compromised periodontal conditions with the potential for post orthodontic teeth migration.
Prevention of opening up of closed extraction space, adult patients.