Clear Aligner


The MAXDENT CA DIGITAL CLEAR ALIGNERS presents an innovative method for straightening teeth. The aligners is made of transparent, biocompatible materials and is thus nearly invisible. In the past 3 years alone, over 3000 patients were treated successfully with MAXDENT CA DIGITAL CLEAR ALIGNERS.



  • Clinical proven- Teeth correction based on the clinical CA Digital protocols by Dr.Pablo Echarri
  • Treatment corrections are possible at any time
  • Individual cooperation: Choose full or only partial services
  • Precise, digital 3D technology for planning and set- up
  • Tooth movement up to 1 mm per month
  • The choice is yours- STL data or models
  • Short treatment time- 3 different material thickness and intelligent design for faster treatment result

Correction of malocclusion with the help of aesthetic, virtually invisible MAXDENT CA DIGITAL CLEAR ALIGNER aligners is an important treatment method in modern orthodontics. Especially for adult patients, this has proved to be a reliable treatment concept in several clinical cases. This method guarantees ideal treatment results in addition to a high level of wear comfort for the patients. The applications are indeed versatile: the MAXDENT CA DIGITAL CLEAR ALIGNER allows orthodontists to effectively treat mild to moderately severe cases of malocclusion of the anterior teeth in the upper and lower jaws.


Maxdent CA Digital

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