Best fit, minimum risk of material damage or fracture and maximum user comfort: MEMOTAIN brings retention to a new level. The improved design and high-precision CAD / CAM processes guarantee optimum wear comfort - and the retainer material has a fracture rate of only 1%.

MEMOTAIN perfectly blends accuracy and material strength (fracture rate of only 1%) to ensure the best fit. Thanks to the CAD / CAM manufacturing process, MEMOTAIN retainers are more precise than a handcrafted lingual retainer could ever be. The new MEMOTAIN 2.0 features such as smoothing specific points in interdental areas or partial distances facilitate accurate positioning and improve the overall stability. The material too is innovative: MEMOTAIN retainers are manufactured using the shape-memory alloy NITINOL and as a result are much thinner and more comfortable to wear in contrast to conventional retainers. Once it is brought to shape, this innovative material cannot be bent any more. Thanks to the specifically tailored transfer jig, fitting the retainer is child's play. Maximum convenience for you and maximum comfort for your patients.




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